Episode 23

Published on:

31st Aug 2023

Green Politics - Clive Lewis MP

In this episode, Katy and Babita chat politics with Clive Lewis MP who campaigns to put climate action at the centre of the political agenda. We find out whether it is all blah blah blah as Greta Thunberg said, or if there is hope for concrete change? Clive chatted to us from his constituency of Norwich South in the east of England. 

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How to parent in a climate emergency
Journalists Katy Glassborow and Babita Sharma met 25 years ago and remain firm friends, sharing each others highs and lows. They spent their careers investigating news stories, including climate change, but when they both became mums the climate headlines left them in a state of fear. How do you parent in a climate emergency? Katy and Babita decided to consult some of the world’s leading climate thinkers on how to rip up 'parenting' and piece it back together to fit our planetary reality. In each episode you'll hear stark truths, honest conversation and advice to help others navigate this crazy time. Join us for more chat #MumWillThePlanetDie. Subscribe to get your weekly dose of climate parenting each Thursday.